: 2009/04

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Sierra Leone's president honoured

Added |2009, April

Sierra Leone's President Ernest Bai Koroma has been appointed Honorary President of the African Diplomatic Academy. Accepting the honor at a ceremony held at State House, President Koroma said that the honour has given him the opportunity to fully engage himself with the activities of the ADA.


The President disclosed that an agreement would be signed between Sierra Leone and the African Diplomatic Academy and hoped that the ADA would now be recognized in Africa and the World at large as a result of the expanded association with them. He pointed out that the Minister of Presidential Affairs, Joseph Koroma would be responsible for coordinating the activities of the ADA to ensure that decisions reached by both parties are faithfully executed. He added that the record of the African Diplomatic Academy indicates that the activities of the organization are ambitious, transparent and offer many opportunities for the overall development of the country. President Koroma added that the prowess of ADA in the International arena justifies its position as a respected partner in Africa and Europe in matters of peace promotion and development. He thanked the President of the African Diplomatic Academy, staff and other members for the honour bestowed on him and pledged his commitment to carry out his responsibilities with resolve to achieve the aims and objectives of the organization. The President of the African Diplomatic Academy (ADA) Benolt Ngom said the Academy was founded in Senegal in 1999 where it has its administrative headquarters and has received patronage from numerous personalities including President Abdou Diouf of Senegal. Ngom told the President that the organisation was founded to serve as a catalyst to enhance diplomacy in Africa and to promote peace, research and development. The President of the Academy commended the President for accepting the honour. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Zainab Bangura described diplomacy as an act of managing relationships between people and countries which requires special skills. She reiterated that President Koroma has demonstrated exceptional skills in managing the diversity in the society and has served as a blank screen on which people have projected their views. In another Development, the Mayor of Banjul, His Lordship Samboi Fani also had audience with President Koroma at the State House. President Koroma described the visit as a step in the right direction designed to revitalize the long outstanding relationship between the two countries that have similar ties. He commended the Mayors of Freetown and Banjul for their strategic move as it would add an advantage to the experiences copied by the people of the two countries. He intimated the visiting Mayor that as a government, they are committed to strengthening decentralization as it compliments the efforts of the Government. The President lauded the efforts of the Mayor of Freetown in answering to the needs of the people which he said would encourage the communities to fulfill their obligations and assured him of government’s support at all times. Mayor Samboi Fani told President Koroma that they are here to rekindle the twinning relationship between the two cities by the late Freetown mayor, Alfred Akibo-Betts and to re-establish the long outstanding ties which are historically deep rooted. He intimated the President that the local government should be given the necessary support and commended President Koroma for setting-up the creation of the Attitudinal Change Secretariat which he described as a symbol of good leadership.

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