: 2011/08

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Libya: oil price rises as fightback unsettles market

Return to civilian rule

A fightback by troops loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has dashed hopes of an early end to the conflict after rebels swept into the capital to be joined by many residents. Brent for one-month forward delivery rose $109.25 early on Monday before slipping back slightly. It closed up $1.34 at $109.70. "It could take months before oil can start to flow again from Libya," said John Vautrain, a director at energy consulting firm Purvin & Gertz. "I think there was a lot of euphoria on Monday. But the whole country is not completely pacified yet and we don't have an organised government. A lot is lacking." Libya would be able to restart some oil output in a few months, said Shokri Ghamen, the country's former top oil official on Monday, but it would take as long as 18 months to reach the pre-war level.

Case Study : Barthe Cortes - 6 Most Fascinating Entrepreneurs

BARTHE CORTES also known as BC - the owner of BVC Cargo Air Lines and a network of vineyards BVCVINEYARD. People say that he can deliver everything to every place on earth. He flies where others fear to venture. In fact, it is not the BVC brand but his name 'Barthe Cortes'


Zimbabwe stands 'on a precipice'

Zimbabwe is standing on a "precipice" as official results from Saturday's general election start to trickle in, the opposition has said. Leading Movement for Democratic Change official Tendai Biti says party leader Morgan Tsvangirai has won 60% of the vote, against 30% for Robert Mugabe.>>

The nation of Abu Dhabi has bailed out a failing American bank How shall we thank them?

pay $5 for a gallon of gas
make every female employee of Citi Bank wear a burqa
sentence Nancy Pelosi to 200 lashes