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Case Study : Barthe Cortes - 6 Most Fascinating Entrepreneurs

24blacknews| August 2011

Case Study : Barthe Cortes

BARTHE CORTES also known as BC - the owner of BVC Cargo Air Lines and a network of vineyards BVCVINEYARD. People say that he can deliver everything to every place on earth. He flies where others fear to venture. In fact, it is not the BVC brand but his name 'Barthe Cortes' which proves the great quality of the brand. Who is Barthe Cortes? Is he a business genius or a man who can break every embargo due to his huge network of business contacts? Some admire his extraordinary thinking, others wonder if he knows what 'standards' are? He keeps himself to himself, avoids mass media. It was not long ago when one radio station wanted to persuade him to participate in a radio interview. The station was so sure about that interview that they had been announcing it for two weeks prior to the expected interview day, but Barthe Cortes did not show up and it is believed that he was not going to from the beginning. In order to save face a journalist went to the airport but he managed to convince BC only to provide a short comment on his nearest plans, but that was not what the station had hoped to get. Keeping oneself to oneself also has a dark side -- a gossip

There have been many gossips about him. He is said to be a CIA agent, others claim that he had been a FARC rebel from Columbia, an excellent businessman, mercenary, madman, hero, smuggler, a weapon dealer or whoever you want him to be.. He is also said to have 6 passports and speak the same number of languages. He is believed to have his own private island and houses at every world's continent, to worship god of rain on the territory of his vineyard, and on the day of that god's celebration he eats a pulsating bul's heart together with Kikuyu warriors. His private life is even more mysterious because for Barthe Cortes his private life is limitlessly private. Mass media managed to publicise one of his relationships -- with a mother of his 3 year old daughter Brillarose -- actress Sahara Shaheen, but there were also many speculations about it. Barthe claimed that they were married, others that they were not, or that they planed marriage in a near future. Those speculations ended together with a tragic death of Sahara in June 2009 but the press did not augur their long relationship and wrote :"they do not match", people said: "BC did not enjoy the same things which Sahara did, their worlds were different", but maybe it was what he wanted? A person from their surrounding says:"I think she admired him, but I had an impression that he was not about the admiration, he wanted someone for himself , I do not know how it would work if they had to spend many years together.." When I am writing this article I am listening to people. Someone told me that BC bought for her birthday a theatre"the one that had burnt some time ago, a beautiful theatre in a colonial style, the one which is said to be'haunted'. Go and check land and mortgage register you'll find her surname there.." -- says one of the interlocutors. After the death of Sahara, there were rumours about his relationship with a few women, among others, with an UN activist, and with a Mossad agent. Someone jokingly suggested in a comment on one of the portals that BC would match a South African TV/Radio journalist - Silvia Chebet saying that"they both have diabolic soul and sympathetic hearts when it comes to refugees."


Half a year ago the spokesman of BVC made an unfortunate comment suggesting that Cortes needs exorcist more than a spokesman. It was something that the press was waiting for. During press conference journalists were asking Mele if he really though that his boss was a madman? One of the African priests agreed to conduct exorcisms over BC, and he described them.

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